This database contains results of student evaluations of courses and instructors. All results are reported as a mean or average of student ratings. The number of students who responded and the response rate (percent of enrolled students who responded) are also shown.

The student evaluation should not be seen as the sole or primary evidence of competence or excellence in teaching.

The evaluation responses are collected electronically using Blue eXplorance software. Each semester, evaluations are opened for students at the beginning of the twelfth week of classes and closed at the end of the fourteenth week. Courses with alternative start and end dates have their evaluation window proportionally scaled.

All responses are confidential -- instructors receive summary results only, released after all grades have been submitted. Reports are not generated for courses with fewer than five enrolled students.

Notes on methodology

The data in this database are intended for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used to draw statistical conclusions.

Reported scores are the mean (average) for all responses. Other statistics and measures of central tendency (median, mode) and variability (standard deviation, variance), which provide additional and supplementary information, are not provided.

Detailed information for a specific instructor/course is filtered: Only courses with 5 or more responses and a 30% or higher response rate are included.